Officine Universelle BULY meets Japanese “Kami Soap”

As at Jan. 2023 Feuilles De Savon Parfumées is not for sale

Keeping hands clean has been worldwide custom from beginning of the last year 2019. So many people begun focusing on sanitary goods. Here are very useful travel soaps, Feuilles De Savon Parfumées, reinveted by Officine Universelle Buly. Their ultra-thin Scented Soap Sheets make your hands clean and your feeling delightful. Finding out the word “the tradition of the Japanese Kami soap” in their description has driven me to interview the brand.

Feuilles De Savon Parfumées

Ultra-thin sheets of saponified cellulose

Feuilles De Savon Parfumées were inspired by Japanese tradition
You produced Feuilles De Savon Parfumées, Scented Soap Sheets, which inspired by the Japanese traditional “Kami Soap”. From Musée Du Louvre series, 8 types of scented soap sheets follows 3 types of them initially released. Are there all in-stored only in Japan?

―Yes. Feuilles De Savon series are available only in Japan (as of January 31, 2021). However, 8 types of scents collaborated with Musée Du Louvre also includes Eau Triple (Water-based perfumes) and Alabster (Fragrance stones). From the series 4 types of the scents were also created into Les Bougies Parfumées (Fragrance candles). These products (excpt Feuilles De Savon) are available at Buly’s store around the world. ―

Feuilles De Savon Parfuméess’ solubility 
Japanese traditional soap sheets are generally made from 2 types of material, specialized Washi (Water solubility) or slice of solid soap. Which material made of are your soap sheets?

―We use Washi.―

The place creator met the idea
Where is the inventer happened to see Kami soap(soap sheets)?

―One of our owners, Victoire de Taillac, first met it in Japan, when she was so very surprised by the idea providing mobile form of paper sheet with saponaceous. Then she tried to develop the idea into Buly’s products.―

Water quality was not problem
Here in Japan waters are soften, but they are hard in Europe. So there are any differences in the way  of soap sheets’ dissolvability between in Japan and Europe. Did you do any kinds of things to do solution to this point?   

―We didn’t any things to do.―

Research about Japanese taste of scents
While your soap sheets inherit a Japanese culture, the form of “Kami Soap”, their scents are not Japanese but European. The scents Japanese liking are different from European’s tastes. Did you research Japanese favorite scents for the launch in Japan?

―We didn’t any researches because we don’t take in any researches for creating products.―

That’s very interesting point. Nowadays there is so many makers do researches for their launch or localization. Do you mean that you give priority to inspiration, idea comes up to creators’ mind and originality rather than “research”?   

―That’s right. We commoditize amazing things our owners, Ramdane and Victoire happened to see or something like they wish.―

Scents recommended for Japanese men
There have been increased Japanese men who use scents in their daily life as etiquette. Which scents do you recommend for Japanese men who try to purchase?

―We recommend all scents for them. For your information, in our soap sheets, Feuilles De Savon Scottish Lichen* seems to be the most popular among Japanese men. ―

*Scottish Lichen: details of the scent

Buly’s future under / after the pandemic The pandemic has been continued as at January 2021. I didn’t think so long time. Do you have any plans to release new scents of soap sheets in the near future?

―We have no plans of development regarding Feuilles De Savon. But any new types of products might  happen to appear.―

Feuilles De Savon Parfumées

(From the left)
Damask Rose: Fresh-picked Rose bouquet with Ginger and Vetiver as accent (Rose, Ginger, Vetiver)
Scottish Lichen: Scents of Green and Moss followed by Galbanum (Green, Mineral, Moss, Galbanum)
Berkane Orange Blossom: Orange blossom’s fresh scents (Fresh flowers, Citrus fruits, Mint, Rosemary) 

Musée Du Louvre

(in clockwise from the top)
①Conversation In A Park: Gorgeous bouquet of Ottoman Roses with tender touch of Bergamot and Peppermint
②Nimph With The Scorpion: Essences of Jasmine and Heliotrope enhance scents of Musk and Amber
③The Lock: Lilies spread on scented luxury linen sheets by burning Musk
④Saint Joseph The Carpenter: Quartet of Cedarwood, Verbena, Pink berry and Vetiver
⑤Venus De Milo: Articulated scents of Mandarin’s richness, Jasmin’s exquisiteness and dreamily Amber and Wood
⑥The Winged Victory Of Samothrace: Mystic myrrh’s scent wraps essences of Bergamot and Jasmine. Magnolia tenderly integrates into Tuberose.
⑦Grande Odalisque: Rich scent of Musk edges with Pink pepper and Incense
⑧The Valpinçon Bather: High-spirited scents of Citronella and Orange Blossom with uplifting Patchouli and Incense

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※Packages of Feuilles De Savon are updated, so their new design appears on HP. But we’re selling both of the previous and new version at our stores.    
※※Feuilles De Savon series are available only in Japan as of January 31, 2021.

Officine Universelle Buly HP (Japan)

Officine Universelle Buly HP (English)