5 candles from “Scent of an era” series produced by Kungyokudo

This post follows【 “Scent of an era” produced by Kungyokudo】.

<Scented Candles from the “Scent of an era” series >

5 candles from “Scent of an era” series

◆794 Heian era
Image of Heian nobles who had high sense of beauty. They expressed the transience of the seasons with scents. They also wore each original scent by themselves and held competitions whose scent was the most excellent. Elegant scent of face powder follows mild scent as if surrounded by rose pink petals of cherry, Japanese ancient flower. These scents reminisce of the nobles’ graceful world.

Essential oil : Lemon , Geranium

Notes :Violet leaf of the top note with muguet and jasmine layered expresses rose pink petals of cherry. The scent gradually changed to mild and powdery scent of heliotrope, amber, musk. The transience of the scents reminisce of the noble’s gracefulness.

◆1482Muromachi era
The scent of the subtle and profound is playing in the “Wabi-Sabi” world refined under Higashiyama culture. The scent is warm and mellow with deep sweetness and acidity like fragrant wood loved by Samurai.

Essential oil : Vetiver, Lavender

Notes : Deep and sweetness of amber & woody are sharpened with rosemary & clove. With cinnamon’s mellowness of the middle note, totally the scents reminisce of fragrant wood.

◆1594 Aduchi Momoyama era / The year of Kungyokudo’s establishment
The scent expresses full-blown dignity with abundance of energy of Namban culture, feudal lords and emerging merchants. Rich and tense scent of musk and wood exquisitely blended with acidic flavor invites you to the world of finely honed spirit.

Essential oil : Labdanum, Pachouli, Lavender

Notes :The scents express calm and rich woody musk by adding earthy warmth of musk, amber and sandalwood to Bergamot & lime of the top note followed by sharpness of clove.

◆1716 Edo era
(Special product for Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten’s 300th anniversary)
The elegant scent expresses a long-established company’s history in holy capital. Its mild and clear scent was created by finely blending refreshing air with mild warmth of nature.

Essential oil : Orange, Eucalyptus

Notes :Blend of white floral and flavor of yuzu & lychee creates transparent and elegant citrus scent.

◆2016 The Modern era / Debut year of Kungyokudo as a total fragrant brand from Kyoto
The fresh herbal scent is the image of prologue of Kungyokudo’s next era as the total fragrant brand. Mixture of fresh fruit, exquisite herb flavors and innocent floral scent vividly expresses hope and pleasure for the future.

Essential oil : Lavender, Geranium, Lemon, Chamomile

Notes : Mixture of calm herbal flavor, rosemary & eucalyptus, followed by fruit flavor, apple, blended with elegant floral scents, lavender, jasmine leads to a brand-new freshness.

These 2 points are common in the scented candles above:
★Images of historic Kyoto’s transitional eras based on the concept “Scent of an era”
★All paraffin-free, made from vegetable wax / Candles’ wick made from Japanese cotton

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