Names of Hydrangea

“Hydrangea” means vessel of water in Latin.

We Japanese call the flower “Ajisai” which means “Ai color collective”.

“Ai color” is indigo or purplish dark blue in Japanese.

In Japan hydrangea tends to be the color due to type of soil.

Japanese love the color from ancient times.

Siebold, German naturalist collected and researched many plants in Japan.

He found out hydrangea native to Japan.

After he returned to Holland, he named the purplish dark blue flower “Hydrangea otakusa” after his wife he left in Japan.

In Europe people call hydrangea “Hortensia” or “Ortensia”.

Because French naturalist found out the flower in Republic of Mauritius and named it “Hortensia” after their female acquaintance.

I don’t know about relationship between them and her.

But I’m very interested in these men named the flower after women’s names.