Hydrangea’s floral languages

Differences of the image between Japan and Europe

Hydrangea is one of the representative flowers in rainy season here in Japan.

From old times we Japanese have various images of the flowers.

So its floral languages vary with colors.

For example, blue hydrangea means “frigidity” “heartlessness” “enduring love”.

White one means “forgiveness”, pink means “cherish woman” etc.

Totally the flower means “fickleness” and “unfaithfulness” because of its changeable colors.

So for long time the flower had been avoided for wedding ceremony here in Japan.

In Europe the flower also has various floral language, too.

Its negative meaning is “frigidity” “heartlessness” as in Japan.

The others, “vanity” “boastfulness” “big mouth”.

But totally the flower is symbol of “heartfelt emotions” or “gratitude for being understood” in Europe.

So in Italy, the flower is one of the representative summer flowers and they use it for wedding.

I recommend you to watch Luchino Visconti’s film “Death in Venice” in which various types of hydrangea highlight some scenes.

Recently in Japan, negative images of the flower above has been faded in color.

They enjoy the flower in rainy season without knowing its negative meanings and history.